What I Do

I select for you quality artwork made by the use of original graphic techniques such as etching, litography, wood engraving, wood cutting and silk screen printing or combination of the above. The works involve, above others, ex libris, free graphics and books with original illustrations /bibliophilia. All are limited editions of 50 to 100 pieces.

How I Do It

I cooperate with masters of original graphic techniques from the whole of Europe. Together with these artists, I plan art projects to make them most interesting for you and satisfying your most demanding conceptions.

Where I Live

I live in Europe. I like my country, Czech republic. I am interested in choir singing and personal development.


Happy clients




Years experience


Realized projects

Můžete psát česky. Rád Vám zodpovím Vaše dotazy.

If you have any questions regarding the artists, the prints, price or delivery, please email us into the contact form with your inquiry. Thank you.

Галерея специализируется на продаже экслибрисов, свободной графики, библиофильских изданий и красивых отпечатков.Оттиски приходят в галерею прямо от художников, с которыми я уже долго и плодотворно сотрудничаю. Галерея пополняется почти каждую неделю.Если у вас какие-то вопросы, пишите, я говорю по-русски и все вам объясню. Всего хорошего.

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